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We have an extensive range of integrated services and facilities:

  • Pharmacy – Dispensing of PBS and Non-PBS Prescriptions, advice on medications and health related issues.Webster medication packaging is also available. Click here for more details
  • Diabetes Clinic – for the monitoring, management and early detection of problems for diabetic patients.
  • Skin Cancer Clinic – for monitoring skin and the removal of cancers
  • Auburn X-ray/Ultrasound– Imaging facilities without having to leave the Centre. Click here for more details
  • Pathology – for the collection of blood and other clinical tests
  • Physiotherapy and Chiropractor services– Offering a range of the latest techniques and therapies for the treatment of everyday work and sports injuries such as joint strains, muscle stiffness and back pain. Click here for more details
  • Psychology- For patients needing councelling services. Click here for more details
  • Dietitian- For patients needing help with their diet to maintain there health, and manage their Diabetes. Click here for more details
  • Optomeyes- for all eye checks and glasses needs Click here for more details
  • Dentocare - for high standard comprehensive dental care and treatments. Click here for more details 
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Travel Medicine

Our doctors provide expert advice on all health aspects of overseas travel. Vaccines required for overseas travel are kept on site and all patients are issued with a vaccination booklet as a record of their immunisation status.

Insurance Medicals

Medical examinations required by your Insurance or Superannuation Fund can be performed through consultations with one of our doctors. As these generally require a longer appointment please notify our receptionists when phoning for an appointment.

Shared Pregnancy Care

Shared Care is sharing your pregnancy care between the hospital and your family doctor. It is recommended that several months before you plan to become pregnant you see your GP to discuss such issues as rubella immunity, folic acid intake and your options for antenatal care. If you are already pregnant see your GP as soon as possible.

Men’s Health

Having a “well-man” check is an appropriate and responsible decision. The risk of many serious illnesses can be greatly reduced by changes in your life style. Heart disease risk can be greatly lowered and many cancers can be prevented.

Pro-active Services

We offer the services of our doctors to attend your workplace for influenza vaccination clinics prior to the onset of Winter. This greatly reduces staff absenteeism through contracting the ‘flu.

Company funded Annual Health Checks are also a popular preventative health measure taken up by a number of corporate bodies in the Auburn area.


Occupational health specialists at Auburn Healthcare Centre work exclusively with employers to help manage workplace health and safety issues. We are specialists in occupational and environmental health and in helping businesses to decrease their costs for worker's compensation by managing work-related injuries and ensuring workplace safety and injury prevention.

Under the direction of our doctors, nursing staff and our physiotherapist, our services include:

  • Physical Examinations. These include pre-employment, fitness-for-duty and return-to-work physical examinations. Our staff will work with you to develop customised physical examinations including visual, audio, strength, and flexibility testing as well as pathology and radiology services if needed.
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing. We provide industrial drug and alcohol testing.
  • Instant Drug Testing Services. Complete testing is available. We can support your testing needs.
  • Injury Management & Workers Compensation. Our General Practioners provide a full range of services to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate your employees. Our case management staff will work to keep you informed and provide a speedy recovery and safe return to work for your employee.
  • Immunisations and Medical Surveillance. These include immunisations for Hepatitis A and B and the annual flu vaccine; as well as medical surveillance testing for occupational exposures to lead, asbestos, silica, mercury and other chemicals and heavy metals
  • For appointments or queries, please contact us on 02 9643 3800