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Consultation Fees

are fully covered by Medicare for those patients holding a current Medicare card. Private patients can expect to pay a consultation fee. Please note: certain procedure's are not covered by Medicare. Patients will be notified of these services these include, medicals required for insurance policies, taxi licences etc. These are to be paid at the time of consultation.


are preferred for routine care. Should you require an appointment for multiple issues, full medical examinations or if you are bringing the family with you please respect your fellow patients and inform our reception staff so that an extended appointment time can be scheduled. Emergencies will be attended to as apriority. All Patients are encouraged to book an appointmet with their usual doctor.

After Hours

care can be provided by phoning 8724 6300, Your call will be transferred to our After Hours Locum Service for immediate care.

Repeat Prescriptions

will only be issued through consultation with your doctor.

Referral Letters

will only be issued through consultation with your doctor.

Telephone Contact

Our reception staff will note all incoming calls but will not interrupt a consultation. Emergencies will of course take immediate priority.

Home visits

in the local area may be requested where a patient cannot attend the surgery. Home visits are also bulk billed.

Patient Care

We are committed to the best possible care of all patients. We strive to adhere to our appointment schedule at all times. Your patience is requested when circumstances are beyond our control. We welcome a phone call prior to your scheduled appointment time.


Your medical record is a confidential document. It is the policy of this practice to maintain security of personal health information at all times and to ensure that this information is only available to authorised members of staff.

Continuity of Care

It is important to have a regular GP or attend the same practice to provide an on-going medical record and an understanding of your overall health needs. You will also feel more comfortable about discussing symptoms and concerns even if you feel they are trivial or embarrassing. Pathology Blood tests ordered by your doctor can be performed on site. All pathology tests are covered by Medicare for patients holding a current Medicare card.