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Practice Information Sheet

Practice Address       Range of Services    
4a Auburn Road       As well as routine consultations, there are a
AUBURN, NSW 2144       number of services available:  
          • Allergy Skin Prick Testing  
Practice Hours       • Family planning    
Monday to Friday:    8.00am - 10.00pm   • Pap Smears, Preg Test, Ante-Natal care
Saturday:                  8.30am - 6.00pm   • ECG - Heart Check    
Sunday:                     9.00am - 6.00pm   • Spirometry - Lung Test  
Pubilc Holidays: 9.00am - 6.00pm   • Vaccinations / Immunisations  
          • Sports Medicine    
Telephone         • X-ray/Ultrasound    
Office Hours:               9643 3800 Fax: 96433899   • Pathology    
After Hours:       8724-6300       
  • Dentist      
After Hours service provided by Sydney Co-Op   • Physiotherapy   •Dietician      
DOCTORS                                    DOCTORS   • Optometrist    
Dr Frederick Leung Dr Helen Yin   • Psychology    
Dr Melinda Huang Dr Kwok Chung Wan   FEES      
Dr Rawnaqul Islam       This Practice Bulk Bills. If you do not have a Medicare Card, notification of private billing fee will be given on arrival. Patients must show their medicare card or ID to reception on every visit.
Dr Jason Han      
Dr Jay Lin   Kevin Qin (Physiotherapist)
Dr Manohari Ragavan Anthony Tsang (Physiotherapist) Reminder System    
Dr Danian Yang Joyce Low (Chiro)   Our practice is committed to preventative 
Dr Lian Zhao Betty Lew   (Psychologist) care. You have an option of registering to 
Dr Changjie Song Fay Yu   (Dietician)   receive reminder notices regarding health 
Dr Nichoas Harvey Peng Yan ( Podiatrist) care service appropriate to your care.

Dr Aaron Cheung

Amy Chau (Psychologist) Feedback      
Nursing Staff Joanna Woo (Physcholigist)   We always welcome suggestions / comments
Vicky  Ainsley
and complaints regarding the care you receive
Janet          at this practice. Please feel free to talk to 
May    SPECIALISTS   the Doctor or our Receptionist. You may  
Minqin    Dr Keat Ngui (Geriatrician) prefer to write your suggestion / comment or  
Merve    Dr Tim Ho (Pain Mngmnt) complaint down and place it in the suggestion
Practice Admin/reception   Dr James Tang ( Renal) box at the Reception Counter. Alternatively, 
Diane (Manager) Dr Clive Sun (Pain Mngmnt) you may prefer to contact the Health Care  
Mervat  Dr Daniel Wong(Geriatrician) Complaints Commission on 1800 043 159
Alex  Sammy  Dr Shiu-Law (Psychiatrist)  
Amy  Joy               
Min          Confidentiality    
Mandy        Your Medical records are confidential. It is 
After Hours:         the policy of this Practice to maintain security
If you require medical care after hours, please   of personal health Inforamtion at all times and
phone our GP After Hours Service 8724-6300   ensure that this inforamtion is only available 
Diversion to Doctors mobile between 8am to 9am   to an authorised member of staff.  
Home and Nursing home Visits     Patients are required to return to our practice
The Doctor's are available for home visits,     for their PATHOLOGY RESULTS!,
and local Nursing Home visits.       Results will not be given over the phone!!
Telephone the Surgery to arrange an appointment.   A message may be left with reception and the 
Telephoning your Doctor       Doctor will try to get back to you asap.
Doctors are unable to take calls during consultations.    Appointments may be booked by calling practice
Patients are suggested to come in to see the Doctor.    Walkins welcome